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Krystal International Vacation Club knows that there are many different cities and destinations to travel to while in Mexico. There are a variety of popular resort and beach towns that many tourists flock to. One location that travelers should check out this summer is Ixtapa, Mexico. This city has much to provide to its guests, including many tours and historical sites that will provide a rich education of Ixtapa to all who visit.

One museum that is a must while in Ixtapa is the Xihuacan Museum and Archaeological Site. This excursion allows visitors to take a look at all of the prehistoric beauty and history that the city has to offer by exploring the restored archaeological site. Be sure to look at these ruins that used to be home to numerous ceremonies and ball games from the Mayans many years ago. Guides and tours are available in order for visitors to gain the full experience and learn about all the stories and history that went on at these breathtaking ruins.

An excursion that allows guests to see both the bustling city of Ixtapa and the quiet and beautiful countryside is the Ixtapa City and Countryside Combo Tour. This adventure provides all different types of views of Ixtapa and includes a fish lunch for all in attendance. Some of the main highlights of the tour include exploring the Old Mexican towns, tropical fruit plantations, and arts and crafts made by the locals. Krystal International Vacation Club is sure that tourists of all ages will be able to marvel in the beauty that Ixtapa has to offer.